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Christmas Gift Bags In Bulk Drawstring Candy Bag

Description:Christmas Bag Gift Candy RPET Goodie Packaging Bulk Mailer Treat Cookie Coffee Mailing Present Decoration Fashion Holiday Toast

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24x36inch Christmas Sack Bag




Mailing Bag,Sublimation Bag

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After understanding your needs, we will provide you with more styles of products for your reference, make PPT or PDF files and send them to you to facilitate your display, let you know the latest hot-selling products of our factory and create the sample to match your target price.

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After confirming the sample design, our customer service and sample maker will arrange the sample immediately, including starting printing and computer embroidery. We can finish the sample in 3-7 working days and take photos for your confirmation.

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With 20 years of experience in the industry, we study the trendsof holiday home decor in Europe and America every year, and develop products closely with major importers and supermarket chains in Europe and America.

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We will contact you on the day of your enquiry. We can choose instant chat App such as Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, etc. You can find us to communicate at any time, and we will send the communication content to you by email so that you can check it at any time.

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According to the product pattern, cut the fabric through
Cutting, laser cutting and other machines are
processed into cut-parts.To do fine pr ocessing,
which can make the product more shape.


According to the product pattern, cut the fabric
through Cutting, laser cutting and other machines
dare processed into cut-parts. To do fine pr ocessing,
which can make the product more shape.

03Sublimation Printing

The digital printing pattern is sublimated and transferred,
and the whole or cut-parts can be hot-printed
with colorful patterns, to make the product more creative.

04Screen Printing

The whole cloth is screen-printed, the punched and
formed cut-parts are positioned and screen-printed,
to make the pattern of the product more layered and textured.


We have sufficient sewing
productivity, including lockstitch machines,
sewing machines, pattern sewing machines, synchro machines
and more than 200 skilled workers. Orders in peak seasons can
be completed on time and with high quality.


Including hand sewing, cotton filling, glue gun assembly,
relying on the advantages of local excellent handicraft.
The manual productivity of hundreds of people
is maintained all year round.

Quality Control1

We insist on confirming the prenatal samples with you
before delivery,Take photos or videos during the production
process to let customers,Let you know the progress and quality
control details of our finished products.Do full inspection,
and at the same time make an inspection report
or let a third party you designate to inspect the goods.
Let you be satisfied with our quality.

Manufacturing Capacity

We maintain more than 200 sewing workers throughout
the year, And more than 300 handmade workers.
Productivity of printing, embroidery, bronzing,
sublimation printing strong. Your order can be
in peak season completed on time and with quality.


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