Exhibition Analysis] 2024 Atlanta Home & Gift Show
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Exhibition Analysis] 2024 Atlanta Home & Gift Show

The robust attendance and impressive growth rate at the 2024 Atlanta Home & Gift Show have infused the entire event with vitality and anticipation. The number of visitors by noon on the first day saw a 6% increase year-over-year, with the East Coast region experiencing double-digit growth. This not only demonstrates the attractiveness of the Atlanta market but also reflects the sustained strong interest in the home and gift categories.


The growing interest in core gift and home categories further confirms the status of the Atlanta market as a prime destination for interior buyers. Compared to other categories such as apparel and accessories, there has been a noticeable increase in attention towards home and gifts. This may reflect people's pursuit of creating comfortable living spaces and personalized gifts, as well as an increasing emphasis on quality and unique designs.

The emergence of the latest trends and product innovations at the show also offered visitors a plethora of choices. Designers satisfied people's desires for a beautiful life with unique home decorations, creative gifts, and practical daily necessities. This pursuit of uniqueness and quality life has brought a wider audience and business opportunities to the show.


Furthermore, the increase in participant numbers has injected the show's atmosphere with energy, promoting interactions and collaboration between exhibitors and audiences. Industry insiders have expressed that this is an exhilarating signal, indicating that the market will welcome more cooperation and business opportunities this year.

>>Trend analysis<

  • Theme Direction1: Medieval Vintage Holiday

Vintage inspiration plays a key role in the winter holidays, sketching a picture filled with warmth and nostalgia. In this theme, classic patterns and figures such as reindeer, snowmen, nutcrackers, and Santa Claus become focal points, injecting a unique festive atmosphere into the winter holidays.

The design of the entire pattern and items echoes the core of vintage inspiration, making people feel a warm, friendly atmosphere. This is not just a decoration for the winter holidays but a nostalgia for times past, allowing people to reminisce about those beautiful and warm moments amidst the holiday cheer. Through classic elements and exquisite design, this theme brings an unforgettable emotional experience to the winter holidays.

  • Theme Direction 2 : Infinite Gingerbread

In this creative renewal of gingerbread style, we infuse the classic gingerbread appearance into a variety of characters and shapes, creating a world full of fun and uniqueness. Classic gingerbread figures and gingerbread houses make a dazzling appearance in bold new applications, not limited to traditional cookie shapes but extending to a range of unexpected products, such as pot holders, novelty napkins, and even pop-up cards.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these gingerbread decorations are not just ornaments; they are a sprinkle of Christmas magic, designed to warm hearts and homes. Whether you're continuing a treasured tradition or starting anew, these gingerbread people are set to become a cherished part of your holiday collection.

Overall, this gingerbread-style innovation offers an interesting and bold reinterpretation of tradition. By integrating gingerbread elements into different shapes and scenarios, it creates a unique visual feast, bringing people a new winter creative experience.


St. Pauli transcends beyond manufacturing; they are your trusted festive Décor companions, on a mission to infuse every home with the essence of a delightful life.


We cordially invite you to visit their website, to discover the Gingerbread Man series that promises to enchant your holiday festivities. Let’s embrace a season brimming with love, warmth, and the magic of imagination.

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